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Enterprise Project

This half-term we have taken part in an Enterprise Project. We had to think of an item to design, make and then sell to our parents. After lots of ideas we decided to make biscuits as these would appeal to lots of people. For homework we researched different shapes and flavours of biscuits. We also thought about prices. Following on from our homework we voted on the two best shapes to make, out of a butterfly, circle, square and flower. We used a tally chart to record our votes. The two most popular shapes were butterflies and flowers. We also had a taste test to help us decide on the flavour to make. We tried ginger, coconut, shortcake, oat and chocolate chip biscuits. With an overwhelming majority the winner was chocolate chip biscuits.

On Wednesday 3rd July we baked our biscuits. We made vanilla butterflies and chocolate chip flowers. Then on Thursday we decorated them. We iced our butterfly biscuits and covered them in hundreds and thousands. Our flower biscuits were simply dusted with icing sugar.

At 2.45pm on Thursday 4th July we opened our doors to parents and grandparents who came to buy our biscuits. Our sales team worked hard to sell our biscuits until we sold out! Having taken out our expenses, our final profit was £20.77.

We are very proud of all of the hard work that the children put in to this project. They all deserve a big 'well done me'! 
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