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Hot Lunches


The Government Grant enabling all infant aged children access to a school meal has hugely benefited the children at St George's.  We are currently reviewing how we supply these meals.


We have provided Hot Lunches for pupils at St George's for some time through our provider Chartwells Catering. As part of the Government's new Universal Free School Meal, St George's School will continue to provide lunches for all children from September 2014.


Please remember there is no charge for infant lunches and we require all children to have a Chartwells provided meal. No lunches are to be brought from home.


We recommend that you order meals on a termly basis, in order for your child to receive a meal of their choice.


Orders received after the deadline will not be processed by Chartwells Catering and children will usually receive a jacket potato. 

You will find below a sample menu for the hot lunch option, although up to date ones will be available to view online when you are ordering. The menus run on a three-weekly cycle with dates at the top.


If your child has any specific food allergies or other dietary requirements please contact Chartwells Catering directly on Tel: 01908 615705 to discuss this.

More information can be found below and a link to our provider's online ordering system. Should you have any further queries or issues with ordering please contact Chartwells directly, their contact details are:

Tel: 01908 615705


Our school cook is called Mrs Nicky McDowall.

Sample Menu and Information on Online Ordering.