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Once a week, a group of children selected from both classes have the opportunity to engage in a cooking activity, whilst the other children take part in Forest School. We are enjoying learning lots of new skills such as weighing, sieving, chopping, rubbing in fat and mixing.

Week 1: We made our own cheese and tomato pizzas. We worked in groups to make the dough and then made our own individual pizzas as we topped our dough with passata and grated cheese.

Week 2: We made roasted mediterranean vegetables. We used courgettes, aubergines, red onions, peppers, tomatoes and basil. To add extra flavour we used rosemary and chives from our garden.

Week 3: We made chocolate chip and double chocolate chip muffins. Each child took one of each home to compare and decide which was their favourite.

Week 4: Having made chocolate muffins last week, we discussed how we could make them healthier. The children came up with a long list of different fruits and vegetables. Miss Taylor and Mrs Jaskowski used the list to help them choose a recipe. They found a recipe for sun-dried tomato and parmesan muffins. We enjoyed making these muffins as they included an ingredient we had never heard of before, polenta. We discovered that polenta is made from corn, it made our muffins very yellow. Mr Long was lucky enough to sample one of our muffins. He described them as yummy!

Week 5: We had a very busy morning as we made popcorn and then started to make our biscuits ready for our Enterprise Sale the following day! There was great excitement as we tipped the corn kernels into the popcorn machine, then a few minutes later they came popping out as popcorn. We learnt that popcorn is made from corn that is heated up until it explodes! We each made our own bag of popcorn, to which we added a little sugar or salt, some of us added both! To find out about the biscuits we made for our Enterprise project see our dedicated page under the Early Years class page.

Week 6: For our final cooking activity we took advantage of the warm weather and made our own bread rolls. We made white bread rolls with sunflower and pumpkin seeds on top and wholemeal rolls with sunflower and pumpkin seeds inside. We were amazed to see how much our bread had risen over lunch time as it sat in the sunshine on Mr Long's windowsill. We learnt how to knead bread as we pushed and pulled it on the table. They smelled delicious!

Have a look at our photographs below to see us hard at work. You can even try out our recipes at home, these can also be found below. Please not that in week 4 we added the sun-dried tomatoes as suggested in the variation, but did not add the chilli.
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