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Church Visit - Thursday 6th February 2014

Today we walked to St George's Church to visit Reverand Ruth Boughton (she lets the children call her Ruth!). The purpose of our visit was to find out more about what Ruth does and to explore different areas of the church as part of our school community. When we arrived, Reverand Ruth spoke to the children about her role in the Church. The children were then divided into four groups to participate in some carefully planned activities. The children received a tour of the church and had the opportunity to look more closely at some of the artefacts including candles, banners, dress robes, photographs of ceremonies and around the alter. They were encouraged to ask questions throughout their visit. Once back at school, the children demonstrated a better understanding as they eagerly spoke about their experience.

We were very grateful to have lots of help from parents in both classes as without their help we would not have been able to go.

We would also like to thank Reverand Ruth for giving up her time to talk to the children and show us around the church.

Thursday 6th February