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Neptune Class Forest School

During the next 6 weeks Neptune Class will be taking part in Forest School sessions.


Wednesday 11th June

During the first session the children learnt the four Forest School rules. They are:

1. No pick, No lick

2. No going inside base camp

3. What you find in Forest School stays in Forest School

4. No going outside the boundary.

Once the children had learnt the rules they took part in a safety sweep, looking out for any dangers. They found brambles and stinging nettles, talking about how to stay safe around them. Once back at base camp the children shared their findings. They were then set the challenge of collecting sticks and ordering them by length before using them to build a fire in the middle of base camp. They then enjoyed a fruit snack. During snack time they listened to all the sounds around them, trying to identify them all. The final game of the day was another listening game. One child was selected to be blindfolded, whilst the other children ran and hid in a group. The child who was blindfolded called out '1, 2, 3 where are you?' and the group replied '1, 2, 3 we're over here'. The blindfolded child had to listen carefully and walk in the direction of the voices until he found the group. We finished our first session with the Forest School song. The children really enjoyed their first session and are looking forward to next week. You can see photographs from this week below.

Wednesday 18th June 2014

On Wednesday during the second Forest School session the children began by recapping the four rules and carrying out a quick safety sweep. Back at base camp they were shown some leaves. They used their senses to describe them. They talked about the shape of the leaves, how they felt and what they smelt like. They were then given the task to find the tree that the leaves had come from. The children enjoyed looking around Forest School trying to match their leaves to the trees. There was great excitement when they found the tree, a horse chestnut tree. Back at base camp they had their snack and played the listening game again, they demonstrated very good listening skills. After the listening game they were divided into small groups to make a house for a fairy or a small creature using the natural resources around them. The children were very creative making a wide range of houses, including houses underground, using sticks balanced against each other, sticks in the ground and even sticks and leaves between the roots at the base of a tree. Everyone enjoyed looking at each others creations before finishing with our Forest School song.  

Wednesday 25th June 2014

During the third session the children began by recapping the rules again before being shown the leaves from our tree of the week. Again the children used their senses to describe the leaves before setting off on a hunt for the tree. There were lots of these trees around our Forest School. Mrs McAulay told the children that the tree was a lime tree. They then had their fruit whilst sat at base camp. Whilst sat at base camp eating their fruit the children had the opportunity to sniff different smelling pots, guessing what was inside. They discovered that the first pot had lemon in it, whilst the second had mint in it. The children then went on a minibeast hunt. They found lots of different minibeasts including woodlice, caterpillars, snails, beetles and worms. They enjoyed showing their friends their minibeasts and observing them in bug pots before releasing them again. As always they finished with the Forest School song before making their way back to the classroom. 

Wednesday 25th June 2014

Wednesday 2nd July 2014

During the fourth Forest School session the children began with the usual game of sticky glue and a count to check how many children were going to Forest School. The children then imagined walking through thick mud as they crossed the playground to Forest School. At base camp the children remembered the four rules before being introduced to leaves from the tree of the week. They looked carefully at the leaves, counting how many leaves on a branch and discussed the texture. They then set off in search of the tree, looking high and low. They found lots of the trees and soon learnt that the leaves were from an Ash tree. Back at base camp the children had their fruit and played the listening game. For the next part of Forest School the children had a choice of mud painting, bug hunting, shelter building and creating houses for creatures. The children soon set off with great enthusiasm, engaging in the whole range of activities. A group of children painted the trees and logs with mud, whilst another group painted mud onto paper and added other natural resources, including leaves. Meanwhile a group of children set to work to make a shelter. It was a challenge to make one that stood up but with a lot of determination they managed it. Other children created their own fairy houses and hunted for bugs around Forest School. A wonderful time was had with all the children and adults highly engaged in all the activities. At the end there was just enough time to sing the Forest School song, before counting the children back into the classroom.

Wednesday 9th July 2014

During the fifth session the sun shone again and as all the children headed out to Forest School. They began with 'sticky glue' before heading off to base camp. At base camp the children were shown leaves from the tree of the week. The children talked about the lines on it and compared the shape to a hand. Mrs McAulay informed the children that there were only two of these trees at Forest school and they would have to look up high and down low. It took a long time to find the smaller of the trees but it was found eventually. One group of children were excited to discover an additional one of the trees growing in a neighbours garden! Back at base camp the children learnt that the tree of the week was an oak tree. For the next activity the children found a space on the field to lie down and cloud gaze, looking up at the sky and using their imagination to see shapes in the clouds. The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity excitedly pointing towards the sky and sharing their idea with their friends. Back at base camp they had fruit before heading off to the sensory garden to make bug hotels. The children worked in three groups to make bug hotels using wood, bricks, straw and stones. Once built the children went off in search of guests to check in, with little success. By the end of the afternoon only one bug had been checked in, they obviously heard Neptune Class coming! The children finished the session with the usual Forest School song.