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Farm Visit

The pupil’s excitement was palpable on Thursday morning, as farmer Liam had brought real baby farm animals into St George’s C of E Infant school. The visit from Creature Curriculum enabled children aged from 4-7 and were joined by children from Henry Allen Nursery School for a once in a lifetime experience of the fun and excitement of baby farm animals your school for the day.
The in school session brought calves, piglets, lambs, chicks and ducklings, all newly born this spring, motivating the children to understand the world around them. The day focused on animals and how we use them, the food and clothing they give us and understand our cultural farming heritage.
Mrs Pearce, Foundation Stage Leader and Early Years Teacher said “the children thoroughly enjoyed a new experience of stroking and feeding a variety of young farm animals. It was an enriching activity which helped to promote the children’s language and writing skills, whilst also learning about how to nurture animals. We welcomed staff from Henry Allen School in our local community, giving us a valuable opportunity to share ideas and network.”   
Here’s what some of the children said
“I liked it when we got to hold the chicks because it climbed up my arm and tickled me. Harris Bajwa - aged 6
“It was the best day of my life, because the sheep felt so soft.” Philip Jenkins - aged 6
“I liked looking at the sheep sleeping.” Jacob Rees - aged 6