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Parking Changes from September 2014

Further to my letter at the end of term regarding changes from September I want to explain one decision the school has taken in more detail as some parents have asked why.


The barrier to the staff car park will be closed from 8.00am each week day. As you are aware the school has grown in numbers rapidly in recent years as has the number of staff. The vast majority of staff travels from beyond Amersham to school. We do not have sufficient parking spaces for all staff and many have to park on side roads. We have a parking space plan which enables staff to use the staff car park effectively and parents using the staff car park at the beginning of the day have caused problems when staff are unable to park in the allocated places. This leads to disturbance throughout the day as cars are moved around. Staff have shared concerns about school children, younger siblings and parents walking, and on occasions running (children not parents), through the car park at this time of day. That is not safe.

I appreciate this may add time to your routines in the morning if you are dropping off for breakfast club, that is why we decided to wait until the holiday to make this change so you can prepare for the new academic year.

I too drop my own children at school, where parents are not permitted in the staff car park at any time during the day and I too have to allow time for this. Please use side roads such as Raans Road and the pedestrian crossing to access the school via the newly enlarged pedestrian entrance.  

At 4.00pm the barrier is opened enabling parents collecting children to use the staff car park.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.


Yours sincerely


Mr Toby Long

Head Teacher