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School Parking Guidance

From your local police officer - this is to provide guidance to parents of new pupils and serve as a reminder to existing parents to park safely and considerately near your child’s school.
If you live close enough to your childs’ school consider walking your children to school not only will this will help to reduce traffic congestion at peak times, is healthy for you and your children and helps the environment. If you have to drive then do check out the appropriate parking spots in advance so you can park legally. Parents of St Marys can park in Dovecot for free and Parents of St Georges can park in Raans Road. Also consider lift sharing this could save you money on fuel. You can speak to your school about other travelling to school initiatives.

Please remember the Highway Code
  • Avoid parking on corners - parking within 10 metres of a Junction including roundabouts and crossings causes a visual obstruction and could result in a £30 ticket.
  • Do not park across driveways or exits as this is an obstruction.
  • Do not park in bus stops – this is also an obstruction.
  • Do not drive on pavements – this not safe near a school and is an offence
  • Do not cause an obstruction with a vehicle on pavement - there must be enough room for a pushchair/wheel chair to pass.
  • Do not park on zig-zags or keep clear zones as this could cost you not only a ticket but points on your license.  
For more information check out – ‘Travel to school’ or for the Highway Code.
When you see your local PCSO or Neighbourhood Officer outside the school please do come and say hello. If you want advice on where you may or may not park we will be happy to assist.
PCSO Lucy Groves
Amersham Neighbourhood Team
Amersham Police Station