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Strong links with St George's Church

St George’s Parochial Church Council came into School, on Monday. The Council are elected by the parishioners of St George’s Church and a couple of them are also Foundation Governors at the school helping to ensure both communities continue to keep strong links with each other.


The Parochial Church Council received a tour of the school, spent time talking to teachers over tea and coffee during break time and joined in with Collective Worship; which on Monday focused on one of our school values ‘Compassion’ illustrated using the Bible story of The Good Samaritan.


Foundation Governor, Parochial Church Council member and Teaching Assistant Mrs Steven explained “it was a wonderful opportunity for the Church to observe the school working in action and to gain insight into the distinctiveness of St George’s as a Church School.


Another Council member, Mrs Jo Herrera noted “the extraordinary attention put into the Early Years area showed a real commitment to the value the school places on the youngest children in the school, through the support they give them in both staffing and equipment.”