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Saturn Class Cooking

Saturn class will have the opportunity to participate in their first cooking activity on Wednesday 11th June. Please inform Mrs Pearce or a member or the Early Years Team if your child has any allergies that we should be made aware of. Also, we would be grateful to receive a contribution of £1 per child towards purchasing ingredients.


Please visit this page each week to see what we have been up to and for a copy of the recipes used.


Wednesday 11th June - Popcorn

We made popcorn for our first cooking activity. The children were shown the popcorn maker and corn kernels before we began. We discussed the importance of good hygiene and the safety rules for using the popcorn maker. The children worked in groups and began by pouring some of the kernels into the measuring spoon and then tipping them directly into the popcorn maker. We then switched on the machine and waited for it to heat up. The children eagerly watched the kernels spinning around at the bottom until they began to pop open. It quickly became very exciting as the popcorn exited the popcorn maker into a bowl placed underneath. Once all the kernels had popped and had a chance to cool down, the children each took a few handfuls to place into their own bag. They had the option to sprinkle a little salt or sugar for flavour. They couldn't wait to take them home to eat!


Wednesday 18th June - Mini Banana Muffins

In their groups, the children took it in turns to help weigh, measure and mix the ingredients. We used wholemeal flour, 1 egg, 1 banana, bicarbonate of soda, baking powder, vanilla essence, sunflower oil, light brown sugar and a pinch of salt. We talked about which ingredients made our muffins healthy. The children then helped to spoon the mixture into the muffin tray and the muffins were baked in the oven at 180 degrees for 12 minutes. The children were looking forward to trying their muffins. If you would like to bake them at again at home, the recipe we used can be found at


Wednesday 25th June - Wholewheat cheese-crusted scones

This week, the children helped to make savoury cheese scones. They had to weigh and sieve the flour, then add the cheese, baking powder and salt. They then had to rub butter into the flour with their fingers. In a separate bowl, we mixed one egg with 2 tablespoons of milk before adding it to the other bowl. The children enjoyed mixing the ingredients together with their hands. Once we had made the dough, the children took turns to cut the dough until we had 6-8 scones. Each scone was brushed with milk before a sprinkle of cheese was added on top. The scones were baked in the oven for 12 minutes.


Wednesday 2nd July - Bread and Butter Pudding

Today, the children made individual portions of bread and butter pudding. They began by spreading margarine on two slices of bread. They then cut each slice of bread into four triangles. With their bread, they created their first layer at the bottom and added a sprinkle of raisins and sugar. They then added a second layer of bread over the top. Once they had used up all of their bread, the children the poured some of the egg and milk mixture over the bread. To help the soak it up, they used a fork to press the bread down. Once ready, they were placed into the oven to bake.


Wednesday 9th July - Pizza

Today, we made mini pizzas. First, the children helped to make the dough using a pizza base mix and some warm water. They excitedly talked about the different textures as they mixed the ingredients with their hands. The dough was then split into equal portions and the children had to continue rolling, stretching and squashing the dough for 5 minutes to work the yeast. They then flattened their dough and pressed into it with their knuckles. Once we had created the base of the pizza, the children then applied a layer of passata sauce and sprinkled some cheese over the top. The children had a choice of peppers and sweetcorn toppings. This was a fun, yet messy activity and the pizzas looked great once they had been cooked.


Thursday 17th July

For our final cooking activity the children made jam buns. They began by weighing out 200g of self raising flour and then put it through the sieve into a mixing bowl. We then added a pinch of salt. Next, the children were asked to weigh out 100g of soft butter and then rubbed it into the flour with their fingers. We also added 100g of caster sugar. Next, we cracked an egg into a separate bowl and gave it a whisk along with a tablespoon of milk. We then made a well in the flour before pouring the egg mixture into the middle. The children then used a spoon to mix it all together. Once we had our dough, it was divided into six pieces. The children were asked to knead their dough gently for a minute or two and then divide it  again into two pieces. The children rolled each piece of dough into a ball and lightly pressed it onto the greased baking sheet. They then spooned some jam onto each bun before they went into the oven.