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The Aliens have landed! - 7th October 2013

Last week the children and Staff in Early Years were very suprised to find an alien spaceship which had crashed on to our field. We sent our best detectives out to investigate and to secure the area around the crash site. Below is a daily report of what our detectives discovered.

Day 1 - A strange spacecraft was found on the Early Years field. The children also found blue splodges leading away from the spacecraft which were thought to be alien footprints.

Day 2 - Overnight a tent was pitched but no aliens were yet to be found.

Day 3 - A chair and boots appeared along with a barbecue and some green alien food.

Day 4 - The tent was found open, revealing some space books, a sleeping bag and a light. The alien had left a message which read: Dear Earth, Please help me!

Day 5 - A second note was found which was a list of items that the children assumed were to help the alien to fix his spaceship. His list included: string, wood, two cardboard tubes, a plastic bottle, scissors and tape.

Throughout the week, the children wrote the Alien welcome meessages and letters to find out why he was here and what was wrong. They continued to look for signs of the alien and helped to gather the items on his list.

When we returned to school on Monday, we found that the alien had left the Early Years field. Some alien marks had remained on the ground from his visit.