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Worship Leaders

Worship Leaders are children who volunteer from children attending F.R.O.G. Club (for ever reliant on God) and across Year 2.


What do Worship Leaders do?

  • The children prepare the space for collective worship by setting up the Holy Table with candles, cloth and cross.
  • They welcome everyone to worship by reading a ‘gathering’ they choose.
  • Worship Leaders bring prayers from classroom prayer trees and prayer boxes and read them during collective worship.
  • Worship Leaders read the relevant ‘sending out’ at the end of collective worship
  • They wear a special badge on their uniform to let other children know they are Worship Leaders and they can speak to them about collective worship.
  • They may help to tell stories and act during worship (but all children have an opportunity to do this if they wish to).
  • Worship Leaders select a child from the school for demonstrating the school’s core Christian values. This child is presented with a special certificate at our Champion of the Week collective worship each Friday.
  • They help the collective worship leader to plan worship themes.