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Year 1

Ross Class and Walliams Class


Class Teacher in Ross Class is Mrs Pearce

Class Teacher in Walliams Class is Mrs Flack

Mrs Townsend is the Year 1 Teaching Assistant





English and Maths

In both English and Maths, we will be working from the National Curriculum. Our English schemes of work will be closely linked to our topics, to enable as many opportunities for cross-curricular writing. There will also be opportunities for cross-curricular Maths activities in subjects such as Science and Computing.



Throughout the Spring Term, our topic will be the Weather. The children will be observing and discussing changes in the weather by keeping a diary. They will learn about differences between the seasons and also thinking how animals and humans are affected by the seasons. They will learn about the sun and shadows and we will collect and interpret data linked to the topic.



Spring 1st half: We Are Personal Trainers

The children will use a word document to create a questionnaire. After gathering the information needed, they will create a graph, then interpret what they have found out. Using this information, the children will create a poster to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Spring 2nd half: We Are TV Chefs

The children will first plan to make a pizza and then write TV script for their own cooking programme. They children will then be filmed in action making their pizza.



During the Spring term, we will continue exploring pitch, dynamics and tempo in our class music sessions. In addition to this, the children will take part in a weekly singing session as a whole school. During these sessions we will be learning songs for Easter. Recorders will also be a part of the classroom curriculum.



Each half termly theme incorporates subjects such as History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology


Spring 1st Half: Rainforests

During this topic, the children will find out about and locate Rainforests on a World map. We will look in detail at the layers of a Rainforest, including the climate and the animals that live within them. We will learn about indigenous tribes and the children will find out about threats and effects, then design 'Save the Rainforest' posters. The children will have the opportunity to design and make poison dart frog hand puppets and individual rainforest models using their knowledge of the Rainforests.


Spring 2nd Half: Nursing Nurses

We will learn about famous Nurses from the past by looking at the lives of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We will learn about their roles in the Crimean war and the significant roles they played in improved nursing.



Spring 1st half: Collective Worship

The children will be looking at how and why people worship. They will discuss how we worship in school and think about the meaning of the Lord's Prayer and familiar hymns. They will find out about other places and ways that Christian's worship God.



Spring 1st half: Ross class will have P.E. with a trained Dance Teacher every Wednesday afternoon. Every Thursday, Walliams class will focus on basic gymnastics skills, through floor and apparatus work.


Spring 2nd half: Walliams class will have P.E. with a trained Dance Teacher every Wednesday afternoon and every Thursday, Ross class will focus on basic gymnastics skills, through floor and apparatus work.


Please make sure your child has his/her full P.E. kit in school at all times.



Book Bags

Your child should have their book bag in school every day. Please check the book back daily for messages and letters.


Contact Books

Contact books are for correspondence between home and school. This is for any non-urgent messages. Your child must hand this in every morning and it will be given back every afternoon. Watch out for the yellow card flap which indicates a new message has been written in the book. Please check the white card is up to date with names of the adults who are permitted to collect your child and the day(s) they will be collecting. It is also important that you immediately inform  the School Office if there are any changes to your contact details. 


Reading Record Books

The home reading records are to be used solely for home reading. Every time you hear your child read, a short note should be entered in the book. If there is nothing particular to note then simply the page numbers read will signal that your child has been heard. These books should be handed in by your child daily to be checked and then sent home again. If your child has read they will receive a sticker.



Homework books will continue to be sent home on a Friday and must be handed in by the following Thursday for marking. Any work handed in after the deadline, may be acknowledged with a sticker, but not marked. The homework is closely linked with our topics for the term. Please look out for the new homework grid in your child's homework book and try to complete at least one activity per week. Also check weekly, for vocabulary homework.

This term, we will be introducing weekly spellings. Your child will be given a list of spellings to learn at home every Tuesday, which will be tested the following Monday. The spellings will include the Year 1 High Frequency words they are expected to know. We will record your child's score for the previous week on their new spelling sheet.



The children will be provided with a snack of fruit or vegetables at play time. They can access water throughout the day, so please provide your child with a named water bottle to use in class. Your child’s bottle should only contain water.


Classroom help

We always welcome offers of help in the classroom, so if you would like to help, please write a message in the contact book or speak to your child’s Teacher.


Wish Tree

The large branch outside the Key Stage One entrance is our Wish Tree. We regularly attach leaves to it, labelled with small resources we need for current or future topics and other resources we would love to have in school, but cannot easily budget for. If you would like to donate any of the resources mentioned on the Wish Tree, we would be extremely grateful. Thank you in advance!