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Year 1

Ross Class and Walliams Class


Class Teacher in Ross Class is Mrs Pearce and Mrs Townsend is the Teaching Assistant.

Class Teacher in Walliams Class is Mrs Flack and Mrs Elliott is the Teaching Assistant.





English and Maths

In both English and Maths we will be working from the National Curriculum. Our English schemes of work will be closely linked to our topics, to enable as many opportunities for cross-curricular writing. There will also be opportunities for cross-curricular Maths activities in subjects such as Science and Computing.



Autumn 1st half: Animals including humans

The children will name and label human body parts and investigate using their senses. They will draw pictograms using data about differences between children. They will make comparisons between humans and common animals. They will begin to identify omnivores, herbivores and carnivores and sort animals using a Venn diagram.


Autumn 2nd half: Materials

We will be investigating a range of building materials such as metal, glass, plastic, bricks and wood. We will be examining their properties, looking at their uses and exploring the reasons why certain materials are chosen for certain jobs. These investigations will include looking at materials that are waterproof and materials that will let light through.



Autumn 1st half: We Are Storytellers

The children will create a talking book of a familiar story. They will review, modify and evaluate their work throughout the unit.


Autumn 2nd half: We Are Celebrating

They will first design a card for a chosen celebration and then create their card using a simple computer programme.



During the Autumn term we will be learning about pitch, dynamics and tempo in our class music sessions. In addition to this, the children will take part in a weekly singing session as a whole school. During these sessions we will be learning songs for harvest and Christmas. Recorders will also be a part of the classroom curriculum.




Each half termly theme incorporates subjects such as History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology


Autumn 1st Half: All About Me

During this topic, the children will focus on pencil/sketching skills and learn about portraits, eventually leading to drawing a detailed self-portrait. The children will use clay to make a model of themselves and learn how to make a picture frame to keep special family photographs in.

The children will be discussing their local environment, features of a town and how to keep safe. This will involve; discussing houses and homes, and comparing Amersham in the past and present.

We will be taking the children on a visit around Amersham town, where they will be looking at the different features of a town and the shops and buildings in Amersham. As part of the topic, the children will be thinking about the childhood their grandparents had. We would love to welcome grandparents into the classroom to share their childhood memories about the toys they used to play with; their school life; the food they ate as a child and the holidays they went on. Please speak to your child’s class teacher to arrange a suitable date.


Autumn 2nd Half: Fire

We will start this topic by looking at a map of Great Britain and finding Amersham and London. We will look at pictures and compare the two places. We will then move onto looking at pictures of how London has changed over time. We will then think about The Great Fire of London through storytelling, drama, art, music and design and technology. We will be re-enacting the morning by baking bread and cakes using recipes from long ago. We will also be looking at fire-fighting and how to keep safe. The fire brigade is always a popular subject for children to learn about and we are hoping to arrange a visit by our local fire fighters.



Autumn 1st half: Belonging

The children will gain a better understanding of what it means to ‘belong’ to different groups. They will look the meaning of belonging to a religious community and how symbols can express and reinforce that sense of belonging.


Autumn 2nd half: Celebrations

During this unit, the children will focus on the feeling of celebration expressed by gifts. They will learn about the birth of Jesus, as told in the bible, with a focus on the gifts given to him.




Autumn 1st half: Ross class will have P.E. with a Sports Coach every Tuesday afternoon. Every

Thursday, Walliams class will focus on basic gymnastics skills, through floor and apparatus work.


Autumn 2nd half: Walliams class will have P.E. with a Sports Coach every Tuesday afternoon and every Thursday, Ross class will focus on basic gymnastics skills, through floor and apparatus work.


Please make sure your child has his/her full P.E. kit in school at all times.



Book Bags

Your child should have their book bag in school every day. Please check the book back daily for messages and letters.


Contact Books

Contact books are for correspondence between home and school. These should be handed in every morning by the children and will be given back every afternoon. Watch out for the yellow card flap which indicates a new message has been written in the book. Please fill in the white card stuck in the contact book to inform us about which adults are permitted to collect your child and the day(s) they will be collecting. It is also important that you keep your contact details up to date and you must inform the School Office immediately if there are any changes.


Reading Record Books

The home reading records are to be used solely for home reading. Every time you hear your child read, a short note should be entered in the book. If there is nothing particular to note then simply the page numbers read will signal that your child has been heard. These books should be handed in by your child daily to be checked and then sent home again. If your child has read they will receive a sticker.



Inside the homework book, there will be a separate letter outlining homework expectations for this term. Homework books will be sent home on a Friday and should be handed in on the following Thursday for marking. Any work handed in after the deadline, may be acknowledged with a sticker but not marked. The homework is closely linked with our topics for the term.



The children will be provided with a snack of fruit or vegetables at play time. They can access water throughout the day, so please provide your child with a named water bottle to use in class. Your child’s bottle should only contain water.


Classroom help

We always welcome offers of help in the classroom, so if you would like to help, please write a message in the contact book or speak to your child’s Teacher.


Wish Tree

The large branch outside the Key Stage One entrance is our Wish Tree. We will be attaching leaves to it, labelled with small resources we would love to have in school, but cannot easily budget for. If you would like to donate any of the resources mentioned on the Wish Tree, we would be extremely grateful. Thank you in advance!