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Global Neighbours

Global Neighbours across the Curriculum

At St George's, we ensure that all children are able to develop their critical thinking skills about the world around them and to discover the interdependence of the world around us. Our curriculum ensures that all children have opportunities to think about their role as Global Neighbours across all aspects of the curriculum.



Our school is part of the Christian Aid Global Neighbours accreditation scheme and we are currently working towards the Bronze Award. The Bronze Award reflects the work
the children have undertaken to improve their knowledge and understanding of global issues. The scheme celebrates schools that are helping pupils learn about global poverty and Christian responsibility to tackle it. We want to give our pupils the
tools and confidence to become global advocates for change in the world and play their part in making the world a fairer place for all.

We aim to nurture the values, attitudes and understanding and skill of our pupils so that they may realise their hopes and aspirations for a more just and sustainable world in which we live well together, at local, national and global levels.

The Global Neighbours scheme supports schools to:

  • Develop global citizenship through courageous advocacy and action
  • Advance the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of its pupils
  • Strengthen its promotion of fundamental British values
  • Promote critical thinking across the curriculum to help solve global issues

 World Toilet Day

At St George's, we have been learning about people around the world who do not have access to toilets and clean water. The children came into school wearing blue in support of people around the world who do not have a toilet. We learnt about 'Toilet Twinning' and how donations can help sponsor a toilet in another country. 

More information about 'Toilet Twinning' can be found here