St George’s C of E Infant and Preschool

Inspire, Believe, Achieve-Let your light shine.

Vision and Values









Our Vision and Values               


Inspire, Believe, Achieve-Let your light shine-Matthew 5v16


Our school seeks to provide high quality education where every child is inspired, believes in themselves so they can achieve their full potential and flourish.  This vision is supported by our 'liveable' Christian values.


Our core Christian values are:

  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Community
  • Compassion
  • Love


Through our vision we seek to provide a supportive and nurturing school community where children grow and learn in an inclusive environment. It is a place in which children of all faiths and those of other world views are able to flourish and be inspired by the impact of the distinct Christian character of our church school and its enduring values on our environment and learning. We hope that every child leaves us with the skills and knowledge to enable them to flourish in their next steps and beyond. During a child’s learning journey at St George’s, we hope to instill our vision and values which will go with the children throughout the rest of their academic lives, into adulthood. As Jesus said ‘Let your light shine' Matthew 5 v16.


We inspire - by looking through our window of opportunity and by demonstrating the courage to try something new.

We believe - by looking in our mirror for self-reflection as we persevere and demonstrate commitment.

We achieve -by travelling through our doorway to the next steps of our learning journey as we grow and flourish.


Through Jesus' words, 'Let your light shine' Matthew 5 v16, we encourage our whole school community to nurture their God given gifts and to shine their light to the world so we can all flourish.  We let our lights shine by illuminating and spreading our gifts, talents, words, actions and hearts to all those around us.


Throughout the school (in worship, in lessons, on the playground…) we use our values to support the whole school community in achieving our vision. At St George’s our vision and values are well established and rooted in Christian faith. These are linked to Bible scripture and stories. ‘I …’ statements are used to support children’s understanding of values in action; these are outlined in the tables below:


Christian Value     

Chosen Bible story to illustrate the value


The Prodigal Son: Luke 15: 11-32



Noah and the Ark: Genesis 6: 9-10 & Chapter 7&8



The Good Samaritan: Luke 10: 25-37



Jesus washed the feet of his disciples: John 13:14



David and Goliath: 1 Samuel 17




Christian Values

Examples of our actions – “I…” statements


I know that I am unique and loved by God so I shall love and respect others.


I will try my best in everything I do and I will trust in God to help me.


When someone is hurting I will choose to care even if they are not my friend.


I will remember the needs of others and be caring always even if it means putting my needs second.


I will be brave. I will do what is right even if my friends tell me to do otherwise.


Parents speak highly of our vision and values. Here are some quotes from a recent survey:

"my children understand them and refer to them often and they are unifying for the school and its pupils"

"despite not being a church goer, I like that my daughter is learning the values of Christianity"

"they teach the children basic lifelong skills and values"

"my son tries hard to follow them in his normal life"

"it's less about the actual words and more about a culture of consideration for others"

"they are good watchwords for life. The values are incorporated well into collective worship"


From a child "everyone knows them and they are everywhere"


What does it mean to be a Church of England (CE) school? 

St George's is a Voluntary Controlled (VC) Church of England Infant School. A voluntary controlled school is a state-funded school in which a foundation or trust (usually a Christian denomination) has some formal influence in the running of the school. At St George's, our two Foundation Governors are members of the parochial church council at St George's Church. They are joined by the Rector of the Chenies Benefice (of which St George's Church, Little Chalfont is part) who is ex-officio Governor at the school. 


You do not need to be a Christian or of any faith to attend this school. Please read our Admissions Policy for further details.




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