St George’s C of E Infant and Preschool

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At St George's the children are taught phonics as a key skill for both reading and writing.

At St George's our phonics and reading scheme work hand in hand. We follow Read, Write Inc phonics and our reading books are linked to the Read, Write Inc scheme.

Parent video: Understanding Phonics

• Children are taught to read letters/groups of letters by saying the sounds they represent.
• Phoneme: Smallest unit of sound within a word. There are 44 phonemes in the English language.
• Grapheme: The letters that represent the phoneme. These can be 1 or more letters. There are over 100 graphemes in the English language.

Parent video: How to say the sounds

It is important to use pure sounds when supporting your child.

Phonics: How to blend sounds to read words

• Once the children have some phoneme grapheme correspondence they are able to begin to segment and blend.
• Segmenting is breaking down the word into the sounds.
• Blending is putting the sounds in the word together to make the word.

Parent video: The Phonics Screening Check

The phonics screening check is typically carried out in the Summer Term of Year 1.

How we teach phonics at St George's

• Daily lessons
• Taught across year groups (stage not age)
• Begin with 26 letters of the alphabet
• Move onto digraphs (2 letters that make one sound)
• Revisit and consolidate previously taught sounds alongside learning new sounds
• Phonics for reading and writing

How you can support your child 

• Support your child to develop an awareness of sounds by playing i spy
• Create and use phonics flashcards with your child
• Use Reading Eggs