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At St George's we use the ReadWriteInc Phonics Scheme to teach synthetic phonics. This scheme is used to teach synthetic phonics across the school. Children are assessed half termly and then taught in sets by ability for Phonics. All Teachers and Teaching Assistants teach Phonics a daily 20 min Phonics lesson for every child. We use a variety of Reading schemes in school, including: Oxford Reading Tree, Ginn and many more schemes to ensure children read a variety of texts both fiction and non-fiction.

Data from the Phonics Screening Check:

In 2017 85% of Year 1 children met the standard for Phonics.

in 2017 100% of Year 2 children met the expected standard in Phonics. 


Year School Average National Average Bucks Average
2017 85% 81% 82%
2016 89.9% 81% 80%





2014 82.05% 74% 72%
2013 68.3% 59% 65.9%
2012 59.1% 58% 54.7%


In 2012 Ofsted said:

"Effective teaching of phonics is enabling pupils to use their developing skills in reading as they carry out such research."

Please see the presentation from our Parent Workshop on Phonics for information about:

  • How we teach phonics
  • Year 1 Phonics Screening Check
  • How you can help your child at home with reading

Additionally you will find some various useful links below as well as some YouTube video links which will give you more information.