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               Home Learning  for Thursday 7th and Friday 8th January 2021


Hello and welcome back!

We hope you all had a lovely break. Thank you so much for all our wonderful gifts and cards. They were very much appreciated and we were overwhelmed by your generosity. 


We have been busy behind the scenes getting Google Classrooms ready for online learning. We will be online with this next week, so for the next two days, lessons will be uploaded here on the website for your child to access their home learning work. 

More information will follow about how to use Google Classrooms.


We hope you find this week's work exciting and fun!  If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us using the teachers email address -


Finally, please say 'hello' to your children from us, we really miss them!

Mrs Yendell and Mrs Barber



Superhero Home School Activities

Home learning ideas for children when self - isolating

Collective Worship with Mrs Accastello - Tuesday 5th January

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Welcome to Year 2




     Keller Class - Mrs Barber                                                                Thunberg Class - Mrs Yendell


Welcome to the Year 2 Class page. Here you will find information about what the children will be taught during this year as well as other useful links.





Our new compost bin

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The Eco Warriors explain how to use our new compost bin

Worship Leaders - Our Wonderful World Collective Worship

Letters to Boris Johnson, Queen Elizabeth II and Sir David Attenborough

Recycle your pens here!

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The Eco Warriors have created a video to let you know about recycling your pens, felt tip pens, highlighters and marker pens.
By doing this you will be helping our planet.

The Ink Bin

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The Eco Warriors have created a short video to tell you all about our new recycling initiative. It is easy to do and you will be helping the planet, as well as raising funds for our school.

Keller Classroom - Mrs Barber Year 2

As we can't have open classroom afternoons this term we have taken a few photos so parents can see what their child's classroom is like.

Thunberg Class - Mrs Yendell

Common Exception Words

Autumn Term 1 Homework Grid

Termly Information for Parents


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome to a new school year! It has been an unusual time for all but we are all really looking forward to getting back into school life and providing the children with lots of exciting learning opportunities.

This letter outlines the curriculum coverage for the Autumn Term 2020 and also clarifies routines which take place during each school week. Some of these routines may have changed from last year so please feel free to ask any questions if you are unsure of anything.


English and Maths

In both English and Maths we will be working from the National Curriculum. Our English schemes of work will still be closely linked to our topics, to enable as many opportunities for cross-curricular writing and problem solving as possible. Our Maths lessons will follow the White Rose scheme of work which will give your children a thorough foundation in mathematical knowledge and will also enable them to apply what they have learnt into many different situations.



Autumn Term: Our Amazing World


The children will learn about the location of countries, continents and oceans of the world in relation to the position of the United Kingdom and children’s own locality. Children will develop global awareness by looking in detail at the position of the seven continents and five oceans of the world, understanding that the world is spherical and creating their own journeys across the world.



Children will learn about significant explorers, such as; Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. The children will learn about their discoveries and the impact this had on the world.


Art and Design and Technology

Children will learn that indigenous people, such as the Native Americans and the aborigines in Australia, painted on rocks. They painted images to communicate stories and record events. Children will explore ways of painting on rocks. 

Children will look at modern sculpture artists such as; Patrick Dougherty, Andy Goldsworthy and Jaakko Pernu. They will use natural materials to make their own sculptures.

Children will learn about the origins of dream catchers and will use natural materials to create their own dream catchers.




1st Half Term: The Environment

This Science Year 2 unit will teach your children about The Environment, helping KS1 students to create quality scientific work that shows progression in skills. Children will have the opportunity to explore and learn more about the world around them.


2nd Half Term: Materials

The main objectives in this Science topic will be to identify, describe and compare the properties of different materials whilst looking at practical uses for them. 



1st Half Term: Searching the internet

Skilful searches are essential for 21st -century learning and information literacy. With abundant information at our fingertips, it is important to teach and reinforce good searching. Pupils will look at the Internet, the web, browsers and search engines. After becoming acquainted with the basics of the Internet and how it works, students will be ready to dive into searching with Google.


2nd Half Term: Programming on screen

Children will use a simple coding programme to develop ideas and make things happen. They will be reviewing, modifying and evaluating work as they progress through the unit.



Children will be exploring world faiths particularly focussing on Christianity and Judaism.

1st Half Term: Who should you follow?

Children will find out about religious leaders and how and why they are followed. They will learn some stories about religious leaders and their significance for believers.

2nd Half Term: Do religious symbols mean the same to everyone?

Children will explore the variety of ways people can express beliefs by what they wear. They will explore the different meanings behind symbols.




1st Half Term: VIPs

This unit teaches children about KS1 Friendship and Relationships; encourages them to recognise the special people in families and friendships, and how to care and be kind to them.

2nd Half Term: One World

This unit introduces KS1 Global Citizenship, teaching about similarities and differences with other cultures and caring for the environment.


 Through different types of music children will learn to recognise echoing phrases by ear, communicate the meaning of songs with good diction, maintain a body percussion pattern accurately and recognise the structure of verse and chorus.



PE:  Attack, Defend, Shoot


Please ensure all children come to school dressed in full and labelled PE kit on the days they have PE.

Children will stay in this throughout the day and do not need school uniform to change back in to.

We will try and do PE outside as much as we can, therefore it is important the children have suitable colder weather clothing to wear such as a tracksuit bottoms, a jumper and trainers.


Thunberg Class (Mrs Yendell) will have PE day on a Tuesday

and Keller Class (Mrs Barber) will have their PE day on a Thursday 


Children with long hair must have their hair tied back.


Pupils wearing earrings should either remove them or cover them with micropore tape during PE.




Please see separate letter, which will come home next week, outlining homework expectations for this term.



Contact books are for correspondence from home to school or vice versa. There will be a lidded box for each class in which contact books can be put in the event that there is a message in them. They do not have to be handed in if there is no message.



The home reading records are to be used solely for home reading. Every time you hear your child read, a short note should be entered in the book. If there is nothing particular to note then simply the page numbers read will signal that your child has been heard. These books should be handed in by your child daily to be checked and then sent home again. If your child has read they will receive a sticker.

The children will now receive 5 books to take home on a Wednesday. They will have 3 books from their allocated band and two library books. These will then need to be kept at home until the following Wednesday when they are brought back and swapped for 5 new books.


Spellings and Cracking Maths

Children will be learning spellings and taking their weekly spelling test at school.

Cracking maths will be tested in school weekly but they will be sent home for the children to practice at home. A separate letter will also come home with details of this before they commence.


We look forward to a busy and productive term.


Below are some useful websites to use at home to help support your child’s education: focus point for parents in bringing activity into the home.  The site currently has two activity strands, Fitness and Games, with Problem Solving to come soon. New content will be added weekly, so there are fresh ideas for you and your child. - This is a great website for science activities. You will need to sign up, but all the activities are free. Try activities such as; odd one out, or zoom in zoom out, both are really good fun!  - Every week we watch ‘Newsbites’. The children really enjoy watching the news and taking part in the quiz afterwards. Please see ‘science’ activity guidance for log in details. – This is a great website for maths activities. You will need to sign up, but all the activities are free.


If you would like to send us updates or you need help with the activities we have planned, please email us at:



Thank you for your continued support during this challenging time. 


Mrs Barber           Mrs Yendell


Questions to help support your child's reading

                             Useful Websites