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St George's last National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist School (SIAMS) was held on 10th July 2017.


The distinctiveness and effectiveness of St George's as a Church of England School was judged to be outstanding in all areas. The full report can be read below.

Examples of our distinctiveness as a church school

FROG Club receiving Prayer Books from church
Christingle Service
Nativity 2016 performed at King's Church
Prayer Tree Display
Behaviour Prize presented by St George's Church
Our Sensory Prayer Garden
Our values
Christianity as a world faith
Frog Club
End of term service 2016
Frog Club session
Rev Ruth leading collective worship
Year 1 visit to St George's Church
EYFS Prayer Corner
Children leading worship
Christmas Angels 2016
Easter Service at church
Che's cross
Children leading worship
RE work
Easter at Church
Easter Garden
Easter Concert
Year 2 visit to Chenies Church
Class Charter
Christingle Service
Worship for Mrs Fowler BEM
Ash Wednesday
Prayer Corner
EYFS visit to Hughenden Church
Learning about Advent in Hughenden Church
RE Day on values
Worship Leaders
Prayers at the Christingle Service