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School Council


Here you will find out everything you need to know about being a member of the school council, from how to become one, to the roles and responsibilities of a councilor.



At the beginning of each term, we hold our School Council Elections, where each class selects two representatives to become part of the school council for that term. Children who are elected, receive a special badge to wear during the school day, so that everyone knows who they are and that they represent the student voice. We have 12 children leading our School Council each term.

What do the School Council do?

The School Council meet regularly with Mrs Pearce and they are involved in making decisions about all aspects of school life. They consult with the children in their classes and put forward suggestions to improve the quality of the school environment. They also report back to the rest of the school.


The roles and responsibilities of a school councilor include:

► Listening to the views and concerns of other pupils

► Representing these views and concerns to the teachers and other adults

► Helping to come up with ideas for improving the school environment

► Making decisions and acting upon them

► Reporting back to the whole school


Some of the projects the School Council have already been involved in and successfully put in place, include purchasing more playground equipment and organising a whole school presentation and activities, to promote 'Kindness' in school. We look forward to working on more ideas this year.




The School Council and Community Champions joined together to promote Young Minds 'Hello Yellow Day' in October.

The School Council asked the whole school to think about their mental health and wellbeing

The School Council introduce a new initiative

In the Autumn term, the School Council voted to introduce weekly playground games, which are led by the teachers and mid-day supervisors, during playtimes. The school council wanted to help children who might be lonely during playtimes; to provide ideas of different games to play and to show the children how to use the playground equipment. At the end of the term, the school council asked every class to feedback their opinions on the playground games, through a questionnaire they had designed. The playground games had proven successful and will continue during the Spring term.


Children's Mental Health Week 5th-12th February

Mrs Pearce and the School Council shared a presentation about this year's Children's Mental Health theme 'My Voice Matters'