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Roxy the School Dog

Meet Roxy, the St George's school dog.

Roxy the Cockerpoo lives with Mrs Accastello's family and comes to school on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  There are many potential benefits for children to have a school dog, including:

  • A greater enjoyment of being in the school environment and a greater willingness to learn and participate.
  • Improved attendance.
  • Less fearfulness of animals and an understanding of how to interact safely with dogs.
  • Improved behaviour, social interactions and sense of responsibility in the classroom.
  • A better understanding of how to take responsibility for another living being, with better recognition of one's own responsibilities.
  • An increased sense of calm and well being in the school environment.
  • A range of individual benefits for pupils working towards personal goals including developing empathy and social and emotional skills.
  • Increased confidence, enjoyment and progress when reading and writing.


We appreciate bringing a dog into school is a significant commitment which should be carefully considered, understood and thoroughly planned.  The joy Roxy brings to both staff and children is wonderful to see.


Click the school videos link below for more adventures with Roxy!

Join her on a virtual walk and watch her solve her puzzles.

Reading with Roxy