St George’s C of E Infant and Preschool

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Pre-School Consultation

As per County guidelines we consulted with a list of stakeholders across the local community and at County level on 18th February to inform them of the school's intention to operate a pre-school on the school site. 
To this consultation we received 8 responses (5 via email and 3 via telephone), 7 of which were positive and one from another nursery setting in Amersham querying whether there was sufficient demand.
re. Demand - this was passed to County who assured both ourselves and the other setting that there is sufficient demand.
re. the positive responses; extracts from those below.


Hi there

I do not have a printer but wanted to respond to this fantastic proposal. 

The first two tick boxes apply to me:
Parent of child at the school and parent of child under school age (who would start pre school in Sept 2022), hence being very interested and in favour of this proposal.
So, yes I am I interested. I think it would be a great asset to the area and to the children entering in. Incredibly ideal for myself with my son who is currently at Henry Allen.
My son X is in Year X so would still be at the school. It would just be a great way for X to get a great introduction to pre school life and be familiar with the school itself and a great grounding for him for when we would apply for reception year.

I would like to please be kept informed as this progresses especially when the window opens for applications for pre school entrants.


I am in favour of St George's Church of England Infant School opening a teacher-led preschool.
•Please can you give your comments on your decision.
To allow our child to transition from a nursery to a pre-school/school environment


Hi there,
Myself and my husband are in great favour of the new proposed pre-school. We think it will be an excellent addition for the local community, provide a best in class transition to school and also benefit working families in terms of less reliance on expensive nurseries (save up to £400 a month but!) but also logistics of having children in one setting for longer. 

Are you in favour of St George’s school opening a teacher led pre-school - yes
A pre-school offers great continuity for the children and will be very beneficial for the transition to Reception. A teacher-led pre-school is very appealing. 


My older son goes to St Georges and I feel my younger son would benefit from a teacher led pre school (over a nursery) so would look to transfer if this is an option.